The Groans of the Foul Sanctum is a trilogy of short horror films all written and directed by Jim Hickcox.
The name is a hat-tip to EC Comics, and the films are meant to be in a similar tonal range to their horror books.
Like a horror comic, they're three seperate stories packaged together for a reason. They are a trilogy in a
primarily conceptual sense, but there is a subtle larger story for those interested in finding such a thing.
Each film is built around an era and aesthetic that I admire, and each references/addresses the media itself.
They've been called art-horror and camp, but I mean them as loving tributes to things that matter a lot to me.

The scripts for True Will and Slow Creep are based on ideas conceived by Jason Michelitch & Jim Hickcox.
The films were produced by Courtney Scarborough (TW), and Natalie Shea & Makena Buchanan (SC).